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Man pees freely in public, calls it 'My Choice'

31, Mar 2015 By johnrj

Mumbai: After the women empowerment oriented video of Deepika Padukone’s “My Choice” hit the social sites in the web, Atul Patel was highly inspired by the video that he is confident of peeing in public now.

“Previously I used to be very shy and often contemplate whether I should do the deed or not in public” said Atul “But since everything has become ‘My Choice’ now I can do it even from the terrace towards the free world”

Atul shared his photograph, taken by a friend, of peeing in public
Atul shared his photograph, taken by a friend, of peeing in public

After rave reviews, the video has gone viral and has garnered many views across the globe for its powerful message. Atul who has seen it while doing night shifts in the call center has been vocal about his feelings,”Obviously, Deepika madame and Homi Adajania Sir have made a point that opinions should be based on us and we shouldn’t bother if it affects somebody else or not” said Atul “Whether I pee in public, it shouldn’t matter because whether it smells bad to you or cause dirtiness or make our country get a bad name, I shouldn’t care because it is my opinion. I appreciate the global message involved. Now everyone can pee wherever they want”.

Due to the message provided that opinions should be let out without being stopped, ISIS have released a message that they are indeed doing that too but unfortunately, the society is binding them too. Even world leaders like Putin have mentioned that he is letting his opinion known in Crimea but EU is putting sanctions against him.

Atul has also planned to have an extra marital affair too since it is his freedom of choice. “I already have many opinions on other women after marriage” he winks and continues, “No one has the right to stop me. I am the snowflake remember!”

Unfortunately, Atul came to realize a bit late that the “snowflake” mentioned in the video was just women and men shouldn’t follow the ideals mentioned.

“I can’t believe this is only for women” said a disappointed Atul who was fined by the police for urinating in public “I can’t believe my wife has sent me a divorce notice also. She doesn’t support women empowerment?”

Due to the flaws mentioned in the video and the complicated English used, the government was unable to ban it or understand it. However, they had already prepared a reason for banning if there is too much protest which includes the ambiguous topic involved, sudden increase in oil prices and too many women present within a short span of time which might push the youth towards a life of crime. More new to follow about the video.