Tuesday, 24th April, 2018

Man orders Lauki & Tinde in restaurant: Praised by mothers throughout the country

11, Apr 2018 By Abhijeet Sharma

Little did Aadhaar Singh know that his name would make waves without words like ‘link’ or ‘deadline’ associated with it.

Working away from his hometown and in a bid to relish the nostalgia of home cooked food minus the ‘haath dhoye ki nahin’ from his mom, Singh ordered a plate of lauki and tinde.  At first, the table attendant dismissed it as an April fool’s prank and said ‘good one sir’ but a continuous stare from Singh akin to an employee who has been told to work on weekends changed his perception.

What an emotional day it is!
What an emotional day it is!

The owner of the restaurant, ‘Ghar ka dabba’ had tears of joy as his dogged determination to keep the said dishes on the menu had finally borne fruit or in this case, vegetable.

As the news spread, mothers all over the country sensed a glimmer of hope and called their respective children to remind them, ‘Sharmaji Singhji ke ladke se seekho’ in their message. In what can only be described as unheralded, Singh has taken away the limelight from office and society gossip to ‘accha khana’ and intensifying mothers’ disdain towards the fast food industry. Apparently, stories of his valor are being sent by parents on WhatsApp with a disclaimer of forwarding it to at least 9 people else CBSE might force you to take maths exam again irrespective of your age.

The all India association of TTLK (Torai, Tinde, Lauki & Katahal) has welcomed Singh’s stance and says that he might be a pioneer in bringing back the lost glory of this green brigade. They are planning to file a petition to get a 15% reservation for TTLK in all restaurants with combo offers and free home delivery.

Aadhaar might just bring about a revolution. The person, if not the system.