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Man opens Swiss Bank account to keep money he won by betting on black money list

01, Nov 2014 By MRP

Black Money

Pune : Baaji Rao Satta, a resident of Pune is in the news for an interesting reason. Baaji who had been leading an uneventful life so far, doing petty things, like betting among other things, shot to fame among locals in the last few days. He, who spent lot of his time reading about the rich and the famous and gambled for the rest of the time, hit upon a novel idea to make money.

When he learnt about betting that is going on, on who is and who is not on the black money list, he plunged into it and raked in the moolah using all his knowledge and his only skill. He made so much money that he is now reportedly trying open an account in a Swiss Bank to keep it. He had no option but to do this as no Indian bank was ready to open his account as he lacked credentials, not withstanding the Jan Dhan Yojna. Also, he felt his money would be safe from Indian tax authorities, only if deposited in a Swiss Bank. It is said that the Swiss Bank authorities have found Baaji perfectly eligible to open an account, given the nature of money and its source.

According to his close friends, who were ready to talk on condition of anonymity, some of the names Baaji accurately predicted as being on the list include leaders of Kongress Party (name changed to protect identity of the party), Bharat Janata Party (name changed to protect identity of the party), Hum Aadmi Party (name changed to protect identity of the party), All India Amma DMK (name changed to protect identity of the party), industrialists like Lambani (name changed to protect privacy), Mijay Vallya (name changed to protect privacy) etc.