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Man kills his newly wedded wife when she denied changing her surname

20, Oct 2014 By Dreamm_Gal

Gone are the days when women after marriage used to suffer due to dowry custom, infertility or some other unavoidable issues. The nation has reached far ahead and the current generation is witnessing an upgraded trend of honour killing.

Yesterday night, a freshly married woman was bludgeoned to death by her husband in honeymoon suite, after an argument over her denial for surname change. The couple went to Manali three days ago for their honeymoon, the father in law of deceased confirmed the Faking News. He was totally broken due to this sudden happening and was grieving – “on top of having my son in jail, I will also have to pay the EMIs of partially used honeymoon package.”

When Faking News got in touch with Ram; the husband of deceased, he appeared to be righteous and justified his act socially fruitful and exemplary. He claimed he was madly in love with his wife and wanted her to accept him – mentally, socially and surnamely !!!. However, she showed no parallel intentions and denied bluntly to change her surname which made him angry and eventually he lost his control.

Ram said he would have never known his wife’s wrong intentions if he had not happened to log in Facebook that night. While updating the restaurant’s name where they were having dinner, he tried to tag his wife and the surname saga heated up.

He continued it was so humiliating for him that his wife is still carrying her father’s surname. It’s a question on his manhood and matters hugely for his family reputation. Because of mismatch in surname, even the hotel manager inquired me thrice with doubtful stare – Ram told Faking News. According to him, she never loved him otherwise she would have happily changed her surname in Facebook in the very wedding night.

His friends were shocked equally and argued in the favor of accused. They were applauding his character by confirming that he never even had any girlfriend. They blamed his wife and argued that this after-marriage-name-game is a certified marriage killer; one of his friends even divorced his wife on the same ground.

The Faking News tried to make a point by taking the deceased side and argued that it’s not a big deal !!!! Ram’s parent, though defended by saying “What’s wrong in that, post marriage she took everything which our son had…then why not surname?”

To give a break to this unending social issue, Facebook introduced a new law wherein after changing the relationship status to married, the surname of married women will automatically get updated in match with her husband’s surname.

However, various NGOs emerged with disagreement to this and demanded to keep both the surnames with different permutation and combination. To make their point more convincing, they came up with few names of celebrities such as Aiswarya Rai Bachan, Madhuri Dixit Nene, Malaika Arora Khan, kareena kapur Ali khan, etc

Meanwhile, Rithik Roshan’s ex wife Sussanne Roshan…sorry Sussanne Khan tweeted that after her divorce she is facing many challenges – mainly while giving her signature. According to media she will soon add back her father’s surname and so her kids. However, her secretary confirmed that she has opted to live a surname less life till she finds another husband.