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Man joins self-defense karate classes to protect his online bank account

14, Dec 2016 By Ajinkya Lakhepatil

Mumbai: Today a man from Mumbai joined the “self-defense karate classes” in order to protect his online bank account. The man added, “I have recently started using online banking after demonetization. I have that Paytm account too. I am going to use all internet banking services but I have to be cautious so I joined this self-defense karate class to protect my online banking services.”

This is any day better than any anti-virus
This is any day better than any anti-virus

Reportedly, the man was persuaded to join the karate classes amid twitter hacks of Congress party and Rahul Gandhi and discussion of cyber security scrutiny in USA for alleged Russian hacks. The man passionately continued, “I believe in self-reliance and I have to take full responsibility of my online safety. This karate class will keep my online account secured. I am going to learn each move to fight hard for my Paytm wallet and nobody will be able to beat me”.

The man was asked about anti-virus program but the man surprisingly started talking about the increasing cases of microbial resistance and superbugs. Then the man showed his smartphone which was covered by four protective casings. The man reasoned, “I value the digital safety the most.”

The government is apparently considering arranging nationwide seminars on “Digital safety and self defense” after this jaw dropping inspiring story broke out. “We have asked all state governments to conduct such seminars for success of digitization drive”, said the brief official government press release.