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Man joins gym for 100th time, creates record

12, Oct 2014 By iyerman

Bangalore. A Bangalore based software engineer today created a world record by enrolling himself in the gym for the 100th time. He chose the famous NAP fitness for achieving this fete.  Vivek, 33, has over the years gained experience in joining and subsequently quitting the gyms. He has covered many gyms across the country and will soon be putting his experiences into a book.


Vivek has lived with a challenge of weight reduction ever since he started working. He has constantly put on 3 kgs every year taking the overall tally to 99 Kgs.  He has joined over 30 Gyms in his career span (some of which he re-joined). Our reporter, Iyerman, caught up with him in an exclusive interview:

Q: It must have cost you a fortune? A:  I have spent over 3.5 Lakh Rupees across different gyms in the country and some in US too. But it’s for a good cause. You got to support the poor gymnasiums around. It’s people like me who give them rozi roti.

Q: Why do you usually quit a gym? A: Leave a gym, u mean? The word quit is not there in my dictionary. The reasons for leaving a gym are numerous. I once left a gym because it was not east facing. But usual reasons are hectic schedule, torn shoe, mild flu etc.

Q: What keeps you motivated to try again and again? A:   Oh that’s simple. You just have to go shopping for trousers. Every time, you will end up picking one size higher than the previous. And that hurts. Also, whenever a Salman Khan or a Hrithik Roshan movie releases, I make it a point to join the gym.

Q: Wouldn’t it be easier to get fit and maintain? A: Maintain? What’s that? (chuckles). See, for a busy software engineer like me, it is inevitable that I quit. I have to pretend to work for 9 hours; be in traffic for 4 hours, sleep for 8 hours; eat,pray,love,crap for 15 minutes each; watch newshour and facebook/whatsapp for an hour or so. Where is the time, magaa?

Q: Have you tried Yoga? Or may be some outdoor activities? A: Yoga? That’s for foreigners, sir. Moreover the gyms give such good offers. Get 2 months free if you go for 10 months. Can’t miss out on that, can I? I tried aerobics once along with my ex-girlfriend. Had to quit because she caught me staring at other girls’ “faces” way too many times.

Q: How about dieting? A: Dieting is good. You tell me a diet that can include Chicken butter masala, and I will be dieting daily.

Q: So why are you joining gym now? A: 100 before 100 is my motto. 100 gyms before I hit 100 kgs. And I believe it is some kind of record.

We at faking news would like to wish him the very best for this Gym-man!