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Man in shock after receiving a Rakhi from his dead sister via Speed Post

20, Aug 2013 By Anil Sharma

Haryana:  A 90-year-old man named Sajjan Singh Chaudhari got the shock of his life today when he received a Rakhi from his dead sister via Indian Postal Services.

“I am shocked; yesterday when the postman handed-over me the Rakhi sent from my sister, I almost got a heart-attack. I checked the sender’s address thrice but it was my sister’s. My sister, Ram Pyari, died 10 years ago in an accident. I myself was there when her husband cremated her body. I think it’s her ghost who is scaring me for not feeding the Brahmans well after her death,” Sajjan Singh told Faking News.

The fateful rakhi which was sent last century

Though Sajjan Singh did try to talk to the postman who brought the Rakhi, but he was in a hurry and ran away saying “It’s Raksha Bandhan and receiving a Rakhi from your sister is completely normal.”

Frightened Sajjan Singh also tried to talk to the neighbors about the whole matter but that wasn’t any help for him. “This is all happening to you because of all the chow mein you eat every day,” a Khap Panchayat leader and Sajjan Singh’s neighbor, Ratan Singh, said.

“We’ll have to perform a Sudhikaran Havan at your house as soon as possible, it’s a bit expensive but I will provide you 20% discount as you’re my neighbor,” another neighbor suggested to Sajjan Singh.

Faking News reporter decided to investigate the case himself and finally solved the mystery.

When our reporter visited the post-office, he figured out that Ram Pyari actually sent the Rakhi 11 years ago.

“This was sent 11 years ago from Rajasthan by speed post, and we’ve been given special orders that every Rakhi should reach its destination exactly on the day of Raksha Bandhan, we’ve done our job with perfection as our superiors didn’t mention which year’s Raksha Bandhan,” the post master stated.

“Thank God that it was sent via our speed post service and not by the normal one, at least Sajjan Singh is alive,” he added spitting the pan out of his mouth.

When asked about the never-ending delays in mail delivery, especially in the ongoing festive season, he suggested “you should mail your packages early so the post office can lose them in time for Diwali.”

The postmaster also convinced Sajjan Singh about the whole scenario, he said “Look Sajjan, this doesn’t only happen with common people like you, months ago my wife sent me some flower seeds for the garden behind my office and all I received today in the morning was a bouquet.”