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Man in coma after getting a window seat in Kolkata bus

02, Nov 2014 By aridev009

Kolkata: Pintu Santra, 35, an Electrical Engineer from Kolkata was rushed to ICU in ILS Hospital after he was found unconscious in DN-9 bus.

His friend Abhishek confirms that is was because of the excitement of getting window seat.

“Me and Pintu were heading towards our home and decided to take DN-9 bus. We boarded the DN-9 bus at around 8:30PM. As soon as we boarded the bus, Pintu got a window seat in general row of the bus. After getting the seat, Pintu started to rejoice and promised me that he will throw a party for getting that seat. He was also happy as our company gave us Puja advance for having fuchka’s (panipuri).Within a minute he started to faint on his seat because of this excitement. Soon we admitted him to the nearby hospital. This was the first time that Pintu got a window seat on this bus,” said Abhishek, Pintu’s friend who was accompanying him.

Tough life.

“Situation is critical and we can not say anything for next 72 hrs. He suffered an Excitement Trauma which is very common in the days after long holidays when buses/trains have less passengers. Last year also we handled a similar case of trauma when a person got a seat in Bongao based local train in peak hours. If his condition deteriorates further we have to go for electric shock like our last case,” said Dr J K Asthana of ILS Hospital.

Market research firm, AC Neilson survey put “Getting a window seat in DN-9 Bus” in the top spot of “Toughest Job in Kolkata” followed by cracking IIM/IIT.

Our reporter met with some of the passengers of DN-9 bus and they said that getting a window seat was like winning manipal lottery. A passenger said that last time he got a window seat 7 years back, that too because he was about to vomit on a fellow passenger.

A leader of opposition party put the blame on ruling party for this incident. He said that such untoward incident could have been skipped if number of DN-9 buses were reduced on that route.

They are planning of a mass rally against such incidents. We talked with the O/C of concerned Police Station and he assured us that strict action will be taken against the conductor for not howling “khali gaari, khali gaari (Empty Bus)” and the detailed report will be given by Wednesday evening.