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Man hijacks cooking gas truck after being denied gas connection

28, May 2013 By anirudh51

Jaipur: A newly married Bank employee was arrested on late Wednesday night on charges of hijacking a truck carrying LPG cylinders. The man admitted the charges and said he took this extreme step after running after gas distribution agencies for 9 months and being denied connection at the last moment.

Amit (name changed) told reporters in tears that he had recently moved to Jaipur after his marriage and wanted to try on the 7 different cuisines that her wife had claimed she could cook on her matrimonial page. But any of them required cooking gas. So after making rounds to all gas dealers near his house one finally agreed to enroll him in the waitlist. After 3 months of waiting he got the status as Available. Then he just had to submit the KYC documents and the deposit amount and get the connection.

The truck before being hijacked

But this, he said sobbing, turned out to be more difficult than he thought. He was asked to submit government issued permanent address proof of the locality in Jaipur under the area this agencies distribution circle came into. When he said he couldn’t give it because he was not from Jaipur he was told to get a telephone landline bill in case he didn’t have it. The telephone department asked him to provide Govt. bank passbook to provide him the telephone connection and the bank people asked him to provide him a ration card having address of the rented house he lived in; which was denied to him in turn because he didn’t have a Govt. issued permanent address proof of the house he lived in.

After finally getting an address proof from somewhere and telling his boss that he had to pick up his mother in law for the 13th consecutive Friday he got out of office early and went to the dealer again with form filled and proofread by 13 of his juniors confident of getting a connection this time. But he was told to get all of original documents along that week, next week he was told to get the form and the photocopies in triplicate and the week after that he was told that he has to paste his photo to the form by glue and not staple it.

And on still next turn they told him that he required to buy a 3-burner stove from them along with a ISI mark regulator, steel enmeshed pipe and an Idol of Maa Annapurna and to pay verifications fees on top of it. He said he swallowed the bitter pill and did whatever was asked of him but after 9 months of running around, 4400 spent on petrol, photocopies & photographs and the verge of being fired from his job they dropped the bomb on him.

They told him that another gas connection was active on his address and hence as per new policy they couldn’t give two connections to the same address. When he said that he lived in a rented house and tens of tenants have stayed before him about whom he doesn’t know about; he was told point blank to either get a NOC from the Ministry of Food Distribution or move to newly built house where no one has stayed before.

At this point he said “I was frustrated by eating microwaved Dal for 9 months and broke by paying Rs. 25 plus service tax plus VAT plus service charge on every Roti I got from outside. So I decided the best way was to hijack the truck that carried these cylinders. After watching Fast & Furious all the 5 parts 5 times I went ahead and hijacked one of there trucks when the driver had gotten down to buy a Gutkha casually at the MI Road Signal”.

Amit was finally caught when he invited all his wife’s friends for dinner that night and started boasting that he accomplished a greater feat than booking a Tatkal ticket on IRCTC by getting a gas connection in just 9 months. But one of his wife’s friend’s husband turned out to be Police Inspector who reported the incident.

‘Berojgaar Chalchitra Bahishkar Sena’ has asked to put a ban on the sixth installment of the Fast & Furious franchise as they claim these movies incite youth towards crime.