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Man harasses 3 women to get equal imprisonment as his beef eating wife

26, Mar 2015 By johnrj

Haryana: On further proof to highlight the country’s romance, a man has sexually harassed 3 women purposefully to get equal sentencing as his wife who was arrested for eating beef.

“I cannot live without my wife although she has committed such a grave sin”, said crying Munna, a Paan shop owner. He adds,”I just had to go where she goes.” Menaka who lives as a housewife was surprised to find police at her house for her arrest. She had secretly got 1 KG of beef to eat and after a tip off from the neighbor, the police who were busy investigating a bank robbery, had called it off to concentrate on this case due to its higher priority. “When we entered the house she couldn’t believe we found out”, said a police officer, “It’s good that we came earlier. If we had come 15 minutes later, it would have been cooked with smell spreading far and wide which could have made the entire community a crime scene”

Munna getting slapped by a woman after harassment
Munna getting slapped by a woman after harassment

Munna, who was shocked to hear the news, immediately ran to the police station to see his wife. Due to the gravity of the crime, commandos were deployed in the station making it impossible for Munna to see his wife. He almost committed suicide but he thought he will fight for his wife in a different way. “I know that sharing the pain with wife is a noble thing to do. Hence, I thought I will share my wife’s pain. I know that she will get 10 years of imprisonment. I too am planning to go for a crime to accompany her. Sexual harassment is the plan. But it will punish me for just 3 years. For the goodness sake, I am planning for tripling the crime”, said a smiling Munna

Munna had waited till it was evening and started randomly attacking women until the police captured him. He repeatedly kept saying that he had attacked exactly 3 women so that his years will be approximately equal to his wife’s sentencing. After the women confirmed that Munna was the attacker, he thanked the women and wished them good luck. When asked by the judge why he did not buy beef to get equal amount of jail time he replied that he couldn’t go to that much level of notoriety.

After they were summoned to the court due to the urgency of the situation, both were given a jail term of 9 years. Although 10 years was the maximum limit, the judge felt that the romantic gesture made by the husband moved him to reduce it by 1 year. However, many people have condemned that there was no news about the retrieved beef and have speculated that the police forces who took it must have eaten it judging by the increase in their overall physique within few days.