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Man got high profile job offer for an outstanding achievement in school

29, Jul 2015 By aristotle

After Vyapam case, congress has uncovered a new scam under BJP government. Rahul Baba while talking in parliament today revealed that a chimp man named “Lu don” has got a high profile job offer for having achievement of sitting next to a girl in his school days. Rahul Baba is demanding CBI probe for the case and threatened to stall parliament.

Lu Don sharing his hard and persistent work of his outstanding achievement
Lu Don sharing his hard and persistent work for his outstanding achievement

Sources has revealed that Don has Quoted this as achievement in his CV which has won the hearts of recruiters, they called it simple and elegant. One of the recruiters from mechanical engineering background was awestruck by Lu don’s courageous and bold attempt to include such point in his CV. He quoted “Lu don was in one sided love with that chick and had the balls to sit next to her”.

On the other hand Don’s classmates are agitated as they have made genuine efforts towards getting hooked up and were successful too. But, were unable to put the same under achievements.

Further digging up has brought up the fact that it was a part of punishment given by History teacher to Lu don, Rahul baba has questioned the requiters that without proper investigation of CV points, how can they extend an offer to Don.

SC will make a special investigation task force to tackle cases of false claim of achievements.