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Man gets 5 marriage proposals after he checks-in on Facebook at an European airport

06, Nov 2013 By idiot420

Chiraunji Lal Khosla, an IT engineer by profession has received 5 marriage proposals after he checked-in on Facebook  at an European airport.

Europe, naam to suna hi hoga,
Europe – Bas naam hi kaafi hai.

Chiraunji, who was headed to an African country Gambia for six month onsite opportunity, and had a break journey via Belgium capital Brussels.

Although he was not that proud of going to Gambia as it doesn’t sounds that international, but still that 2 hour opportunity at Brussels’ airport was perfect for him to flaunt his maiden abroad trip.

So, to give it a little filmy touch, he checked-in on Facebook with status update, “Listening to Mere Khwabon Mein Jo Aaye – at Brussels Airport- 🙂 feeling romantic.”

Then to add more to the filmy effect, he disheveled his hair to give himself a DDLG’s ‘Raj Malhotra’ look and clicked a selfie, with Brussels airport board and a couple of European girls in the background. And finally he uploaded that pic on Facebook.

Few minutes down the line, likes and congratulatory comments started pouring in. His friends, and even friends of friends (just out of sheer respect) started congratulating him for the feat, as if he was getting out of some jail.

“You did it dear, you did it. Best of luck dost, very happy for you,” said a comment on Chiraunji’s status update.

But reactions of girls were a bit different, especially on the pic that he posted. Beside traditional “Awwwwss” and “So sweet…”, some of them behaved as if they found their own “Raj Malhotra”. Three of the awestruck girls were so impressed that, they even messaged Chiraunji asking for marriage.

Soon after that, Chiraunji informed his family about the marriage proposals. Even they were in state of disbelief after seeing a sudden rise in value of their stock.

“I believed Chiraunji only after he sent me snapshots of marriage proposals. I can’t say how happy I am, all thanks to check-in at Brussels airport,” said Chiraunji’s father, expressing his happiness. “I informed whole society about my son’s Brussel check-in, and also distributed sweets.”

After the news went public in the locality, a couple of more marriage offers came.

Chiraunji’s father is trying to get a good deal out of it. He has also updated dowry demand from Maruti Alto to Hyundai i20. On being asked why have they done so, he replied, “Ladka Europe ke airport pe checkin kar chuka hai, majaak thode hi na hai.”