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Man finds business class baggage tag, posts pictures with it on Facebook

03, Feb 2014 By Tanuj Khosla

Lucknow: Sudesh Rao Kamble, popularly known as SRK among his friends, has been basking in all the attention that he has been receiving off late due to miraculous appearance of a Business Class baggage tag of an airline on all his Facebook pictures. Some of those pictures have even gone viral among his 31 Facebook friends.

Status symbol

The ‘phenomenon’ started with his recent family vacation to Patna. He took a train both ways but one can clearly see the business class tag attached to the bag slung on his shoulder. In one picture it is even attached to the stroller of his one year old child.

Since his return he has been using it quite efficiently by attaching it to his office briefcase every Monday morning and diligently shifting it to his gym bag on Friday evening for his weekend gym visits.

Speculation has been rife about the source of the Business Class baggage tag with his neighbour’s wife Mrs. Kohli (no relation to Virat Kohli) overheard saying, “MC BC !! @#$%@#, his brother-in-law works as a porter at the airport. He must have flicked tag and given it to Sudesh. I won’t be surprised if the whole family sports Business Class tags of different airlines very soon!!”

Faking News called up Sudesh to hear his side of the story but he refused to speak to us saying that he had ulcers in his mouth.

Faking News then caught up with Tanuj Khosla, its in-house expert on such issues. “What Sudesh has done so far is nothing,” said Tanuj while having chewing gum made up of red chilli powder, “There was a batchmate of mine named Albela who once found a soiled business class baggage tag next to a dustbin and tied it to his wallet. He flaunted it in front of us everytime he took it out of his pocket. I carried a fake Louis Vuitton wallet at that time and felt so inferior to him that I never offered to pay for anything when he was around.”

“As luck would have it, a few days later I had to urgently travel to see my father’s brother’s wife’s second cousin’s husband who tried to commit suicide by hanging himself to a table fan. There were no economy class air tickets available and railway officials were on strike in protest of being overworked by the Railway Ministry. Since it was such a close relation, my father asked me to fly Business Class. The smart guy that I am, I book Business Class tickets both ways and posted the pictures of my boarding passes on Facebook tagging Albela in them. I swear he has not shown his face to me since then. Sudesh can definitely take a few tips from me,” Tanuj added.