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Man files for divorce very next day of marriage

13, Apr 2015 By Manish

New Delhi: Mr. Seedha Sharma whilst leaving his house today for office, was shocked to see few old ladies shouting his name suffixed by ‘haai haai’. They appeared angry on Seedha for filing divorce very next day of marriage. Being smart ‘Crime Patrol’ watcher Seedha wasted no time and approached us to tell his side of the story before it’s too late and no one cares to know about it.

Seedha: “I had to file for divorce, there was no other option left”

Reporter: “Wait, we have your ‘to be ex-wife’ here as well. Let’s hear her side too”.

(Reporter to Camera Man: “You continue to keep rolling”)

Mrs. Seedha (Vigyapan Vidhyapan Sharma) after seeing her husband there, shouted “How can you do this to me?”

Reported: “Please be seated we will hear what you have to say, but Mr. Seedha you tell us first”

Seedha: “On our first night she tried to choke me to death, giving me to drink glass of milk full of pebbles”

Vidhya: “Hello Mister that was milk full of Vimal Pan Masala, Daane Daane mein Kesar ka Dum”

“Everyone needs some extra Dum on first night (giggles). I just had put some extra packets, Kesar Milk is our tradition”. “But you did not have it and so did not do anything. So much of Kesar Ka Dum got wasted”

Seedha: “Ha ha ha funny. Also why don’t you tell about your lemonade recipe”

Vidhya: “The one that I made for you next morning na? You looked exhausted, god knows why (grins)! And I tried to be a good wife by making a Lemonade for you. We did not have Lemons in fridge so I used a bit of Vim Bar Liquid, it has got Nimbu ki Shakti. Don’t tell me you don’t know that.”

Seedha: “And so I had to get separated before you made me Rose flavored juice from Lux soap; Fruit dish made of Fructis Shampoo; Ice cream made of Dermi Cool powder; Salted Chips from Colgate Salt; and in case I ever fainted my mouth filled with some cement saying Iss Cement Mein Jaan Hai. God knows what more can come from your Ad addicted brain, anyways I now wear Amul Macho and so will get the divorce Bade Aaram Se

Reporter (with Camera Man, Crew, Mikes) was not available to comment further on this, she had to visit someone’s bathroom urgently to ask if the paste used had nimbu, namak and chana jorgaram in it.