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Man feels he is gay after he fails to get single marriage proposal

29, May 2014 By chaitu

Purushottham Khurrana, 28 year old IT professional working for an IT giant, felt he was a gay after he failed to get a single marriage proposal.

Getting into the details, Purush (he insisted to call us with that name, which makes him feel more manly) who attended the wedding of Pammi aunty’s 2nd cousin’s 3rd son’s marriage, failed to get a single marriage proposal from his relatives. The last time he attended one of his cousin’s marriage, he received comments “Ab teri baari“, “Tu Muuh meeta kab karega” or “beta, haath mein pota kab rakhega“. Purush was expecting a similar flood of comments and proposals from his relatives, was devastated after no one talked about his marriage and how he was getting older.

A distant dream.
A distant dream.

Purush claims the first thing he did after he returned home was to search “Am I Gay?” in Google and he reckons answering questions by taking part in surveys across 27 different websites and within no time they all confirmed that he was gay.

Purush recollects that even the undergarment ads of women in Facebook changed to “Find male partners within 5 mile radius” which was originally supposed to be about finding girls. To aggravate his situation, he felt there was a sign from the universe, when one of the Hindi movies channel which telecasts Telugu, Tamil dubbed movies all the times was showing Junior Bachchan’s Dostana.

Heart-Broken Purush remembered how he enjoyed watching movies like Borkeback Mountain, Shelter and A love to hide. He even updated his Facebook status to “Purush, ab to bas naam mein mardaani hai“.

Before he confirmed himself as a gay and started to accepts the events of his life, he called his close friend who rescued him from his situation. He reminded him, how much he hated Adele. He reminded him, how he still watched Shilpa Shetty in the song Shut up and bounce and even how well he did in recognizing Deepika in the film Kochadaiyaan. After consoled by his friend, Purush updated his Facebook status to “Dark are the survey of the internet and full of terrors.”