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Man fails to pick a single fight in his entire metro journey

08, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

New Delhi. In a strange incident that shook the Delhi establishment and its residents from its roots, a 27 year old man traveling in Metro failed to get himself involved in a single fight in his entire journey.

A 'once in a blue moon' event inside Metro with nobody fighting.
A ‘once in a blue moon’ moment inside Metro with nobody fighting.

The man reportedly boarded a train at Dwarka Sector 21 Station (though his actions suggested he is from Mundka) and did not have a single altercation till he got down at Noida City Centre, the last station on the blue line.

Onlookers however confirm that he tried his level best to cause discomfort to co-passengers and get a reaction out of them.

“He stepped thrice on somebody’s foot, stood at the entrance blocking passage for others and later even sat at a seat reserved for women. Despite all this not a single person complained or revolted,” an onlooker confirmed.

“People traveling in Metro are know to get agitated and pick up fights for no reason at all, so it was quite strange to see nobody standing up to that lean man who was actually trying to create ruckus,” added a man who was observing the drama or rather the lack of it from a distance and hence could not intervene which he regrets.

However as soon as the matter was brought to the notice of DMRC authorities, they detained the man for questioning and later let off with a fine of Rs 500 for not trying enough to keep up the tradition of Delhi Metro.

“What is the use of a ride in Metro when you haven’t fought even once. Shameful! What will others say when they go back to their cities that we Delhites have forgotten names of our father. What image will they carry back? This man is not fit enough to travel in Delhi Metro,” said an DMRC officer justifying their stance.

“If he wants to be s cultured, He should be deported to other cities like Mumbai. We have tradition to keep and we can’t compromise on it by having such anti pro-social elements in the city, said a man (who holds the record for maximum tiffs in metro) while stalking girls at Huda city centre metro station Gurgaon.

However a lady observing the man from close quarters had a different take. “Well you have got to give it to him. He tried everything that he could. It was just that people were not interested today. Maybe we should check if people in that coach were all outsiders from cities like Pune or Mumbai,” said the lady giving the man a benefit of doubt.

Meanwhile in similar incident in Mumbai, a man came out miraculously unscathed, without any injuries in his 1 hour long local train journey.