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Man exposed for changing bedsheets everyday, even while wife was out of town

03, Aug 2014 By chantanand

A Delhi based man, who, in one lame shot, lost all of his bachelor friends’ trust and companionship when he betrayed their unwritten hostel promise of never living a hygenic life.

He allegedly changed bedsheets everyday, sometimes even twice, and generally took control of house matters responsibly. Point to be noted that his wife was out of town for another week.

Man Changing Bedsheet

Faking News bachelor correspondent Raj, stunned himself, caught up with few of victim’s disappointed bachelor friends over this matter:

“In our hostel days, we hardly spoke about being unhygenic, but never a day went by when we did not lead by example. Shoes were always on the sofas, books perpetually lying on the floor, deodrants were poured like tap-water everyday; where was the need to outlandishly speak about being human hygiene?

I can understand it’s difficult to continue the promise after you get married but in his case, wife was out of town, how can he possibly forget the only thing we stood for in our engineering!”

Another Old friend disappointgly rambled, nearly cried:

“Most striking aspect for me was that out of all the things, he picked to change bedsheets everyday. Who does that? If he had spoken to maid for more than 3 minutes, or opened the door for colony garbage guy, I could have forgiven him for minor lapses. But Bedsheets? Really? It proves that somewhere his soul has changed forever, I am afraid to say, yet another girl took away a true-man, I can never be his friend again!”

Faking news had a tough time reaching the husband. Initially, he was reluctant to provide any comments since he feared that unknowingly, there could be other feminine traits inside him which may get X-posed like Himesh Reshammiya!

But when reporter finally reached him, all his inhibitions actually turned out to be true, he said:

“Look, media is reversing the news. My friend who stayed with me for 3 days actually betrayed me. I made a pact with him that I will persoanlly make coffee and food for him everyday, in return, he will not disclose my changed behavior! But he broke my promise of not just bedsheets but also how I like clicking Selfies alone in my room, and spend 45 minutes just combing my hair. Oh Shit! Pause!”