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Man divorces wife for giving birth to dark-skinned baby

27, Jun 2012 By dumb doc

Mumbai. Chaos ruled all over at the Chamatkar Government Hospital after one Shyama , an otherwise fair-skinned girl gave birth to a dark-skinned baby. The family members of the baby’s father created a ruckus at the hospital premises and vandalized the medical equipment as they alleged the doctors’ hand in this incident.

The father has refused to accept his child following which it has been transferred to the mother’s care in the hospital nursery. Other patients too were reluctant to go ahead with their deliveries in this hospital as they feared it to be the devil’s handiwork.

The baby’s father, Mr. Kaalu Nath has decided to file for a divorce petition following this incident. Faking News caught up with him at his house to get his side of the story. “Hum dono mei yeh decide hua tha ki hamare bacche ko Tendulkar banayenge par iss bachhalan ne toh Jayasuriya hi paida kar daala”, he said. (We had decided that our child will grow up to be a Tendulkar but she gave birth to a Jayasuriya).

A few moments later his mother Mrs. Abhaagi Devi also stepped out of the house to present her views, “Aj tak is kalmoohi ke baap ne jo bhi hamei diya hai, sab kala hi diya hai. Kala fridge, kala TV, kala furniture aur ab yeh kala karnaama.Usi ke is kale dhan ka nateeja aj hum log bhugat rahe hain.” (the girl’s father has always given us black objects – black TV, black fridge, black furniture. This is all a result of the black money that he owns).

An entirely different story came to light when we spoke to shyama, the baby’s mother, “mai bachpan se Fair and Lovely istemal karti a rahi hu. Maine inhe bhi kitni bar samjhaya ki ladkiyo wali cream mat lagaya karein par inho ne meri ek nahi suni. Aaj yeh baccha usi galti ka nateeja hai. Ab muh fer lene se kya fayada, hai toh ye apna hi baccha na.” (I have always used Fair and Lovely since childhood but my husband always insisted on using the women’s fairness cream. This baby is a result of the same mistake. He should accept the baby as it is our baby only).

Faking News spoke to Mr. Paplu Fitkar, CEO of Fair and Lovely, a popular fairness cream to get his reaction. “We are in a process of marketing our latest innovation – a fairness cream for the women’s private parts. This cream will ensure that even the child being born becomes fair like its mother, thus preventing such incidents (of a fair-skinned mother giving birth to a dark-skinned baby) from taking place. But the idea has hit a road block with some of the MPs opposing it in the Parliament. We could not give them their kickbacks on time should be able to address their concerns and successfully launch our product soon”, he said.

This incident has also evoked interest among some of the Environmentalists here. Mr. Badi Badi Fenk, a self-proclaimed scientist was unsparing in his analysis of the modern industrialized world. “This is all because of the rising environmental pollution and our ever increasing carbon footprint that a time has come when even the babies coming out of their mothers’ wombs are dark-skinned and soot-covered”, he said.