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Man dies of heart attack while thinking about quitting cigarette

14, Jun 2014 By ajeeb

Bangalore: Hukesh Marane a 24 year old guy was found dead in his apartment near Koramangala this morning.

As confirmed by the doctors the cause of his death was over thinking regarding his smoking habit that led him to a catastrophic cardiac arrest. Hukesh was a chain smoker, from past couple of months he was constantly seeking advice from his peers about quitting it.

Hukesh Marane
Hukesh Marane

The body was recovered from his washroom with an unlighted cigarette along with a couple of ash trays. His colleagues confirmed about the quitter side of Hukesh . ” He was trying really hard on quitting smoking, may he rest in peace.”

Shiv Ganjawala, his roommate in the flat sobbingly hoped into the discussion and said,”He was supposed to be here with us right now, as per today’s tradition he was actually done with the quitting business, during past few months he almost liked every information on Facebook regarding the ill effects of smoking. What else do you expect from an individual of this era?” A quick Glance of his facebook page has shown innumerable quantity of statuses like, “I am changed” , “God!! I am saved”, “Time to live again” blah blah blah.

Anonymous sources have confirmed about a girl named Rehabi Kumari who actually explained the literal meaning of quitting to Hukesh, she insisted upon him to quit smoking physically rather than emotionally. Upon being enlightened by Rehabi , Hukesh finally made up his mind this morning and while thinking about not smoking literally his heart gave up and got arrested.

“Hukesh was an immortal punk and was never afraid of anything. He was a gem in the field of smoking publicly and inside government buildings. I am practically not convinced by the medical reports,” said his girlfriend who fled here this morning from Bhusawal, Maharashtra while talking to Faking News.