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Man consuming both weight gain and weight loss powder in equal amounts to be on safe side

24, Jan 2017 By Ajinkya Lakhepatil

Mumbai: A man from Mumbai has reportedly been consuming both the weight gain and weight loss powders in equal amounts. The man had recently joint the gym and came across various weight gain and weight loss powders. Apparently he chose both powders to remain on the safe healthy side.

Trying to balance
Trying to balance

He told our reporter, “I want to be on the safe side. These powders are essential nutrients. It has been scientifically proven that these powders provide human body all of required nutrients. It is diet of modern lifestyle. Nobody can live without them. I encourage all to make them integral part of daily diet.”

When our reporter asked him why did he choose both powders to consume, he answered, “My gym instructor asked me to immediately start consuming weight gain powder. So I followed his advice. But one of friends told me about one of expensive weight loss powder. I was convinced that I need this weight loss powder too. These both powders are required to balance the side effects of each other and maintain my healthy weight. I drink the weight gain powder shake in the morning before going to gym and the weight loss one in the night.”

The health cautious man seemed pretty cool when asked about expenses that these powders incur. He continued, “It is undeniably long term investment on my health. I want to maintain my weight and get gym body. That’s my focus and expenses are surely not my focus.”