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Man conducts sting operation on his wife during wedding night

01, Feb 2014 By Tanuj Khosla

Bhopal: In a bizarre incident, Paplu Kumar Jha, a resident of Maharana Pratap Nagar in Bhopal, has admitted to conducting a sting operation on his wife during their wedding night.

Wife was totally caught unaware.
Wife was totally caught unaware.

Faking News sent its team to his house to find out more details about this episode and found a distraught looking Paplu. Here’s what he had to say

“I am a big fan of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and had recently seen a speech by Arvind Kejriwal in which he requested citizens to carry out sting operations on corrupt officials when they demanded a bribe from them. My wife asked me for a diamond necklace the moment I lifted her veil on our wedding night. Sensing the opportunity of a sensational exposé I placed my iphone at a strategic position and switched on the record button. I then asked my wife to repeat what she had just had said. However the smart woman that she is, she lovingly put her hands around my neck and said that she was just kidding. Throughout the whole night she continued to make passionate love to me while I tried to cajole her demand out of her. Then in the early hours of the morning, just as I got up to get dressed, she asked me for a diamond necklace as a gift on our 25th wedding anniversary. I can’t tell you how elated I felt on finally catching her red-handed on camera.”

I immediately sent the video to Aam Aadmi Party’s office in Delhi. However I didn’t hear back from them for many days. A week later I found out that most members of the party went home early on seeing my video and Arvind Kejriwal was left sitting alone on his latest dharna, which he was conducting in front a veterinary hospital in protest against a stray dog biting Somnath Bharti’s on his butt. They are now blaming me for the failure of their dharna and want me to come to Delhi and sit on a hunger strike with them. Meanwhile my wife carried out a sting operation on my neighbour asking for a kiss and her obliging, and has sent me a MMS of the same.”

Faking News caught up with Tanuj Khosla, its in-house expert on such issues. “I have never heard of something like this before.” said Tanuj while dipping his chilly chicken in kheer “If he wanted to catch somebody asking for something on camera, he could have started off by doing a sting operation on himself asking for a towel from inside the bathroom. For this sting operation, Paplu definitely deserves a ‘sting’ of an anaesthetic followed by a brain ‘operation’.