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Man commits suicide after breakup; gravity cited as reason for his death

21, Jun 2013 By manithan

Kolkata: A largely ignored and avoided incident, which has not shocked anyone, has happened in Kolkata. Mutta Ghosh, 24, who is a stage actor, played some small roles in films and a stand-up comedian had hanged himself in his bedroom yesterday morning and there was a suicide note next to his desktop. The film farternity expressed shock at hearing about his presence and expressed happiness on hearing about his absence.

Police had arrived at the scene, but his parents had turned them away. His father, Some Ghosh, was found depressed. He said to our reporter, “This guy was always doing something, no problem. But why did he do this? Why did he use that room? We were thinking of leaving to Singapore to spend some in my daughter’s home there. And we had planned to rent this home here. But now, with this idiot committing suicide, who will stay for rent in this home?”

Shocked at his reply, our reporter approached the dead person’s mother. She was crying heavily and said, “You know how much Reena has to suffer? (Our reporter thought that the girl he broke up was Reena) poor Reena! She met with an accident yesterday. Just as they were taking her to ICU, the TV showed ‘To be continued’. I am worried about her health.”

When our reporter thought of scolding her, she gave a bunch of papers to him. “Before dying, Mutta told me that he is going to hang out with his friends. I am not clear why he hanged inside alone instead?”

Once Pappu played Hangman…

Our reporter scrambled through those pages and found many stories and one-liners for his shows. There were two fresh papers in it, which was signed with red ink. Reading it, he realized that it was Mutta’s suicide letter. He had mentioned in it repeatedly that the reason for his suicide is his girlfriend, now his ex-girlfriend (name not printed). She had repeatedly compared him with her friend’s guys and was scolding how his earnings were poor. Last month, she had given her wedding invitation and sadly, his name was not in it. She said they are breaking up and he will be forever alone, because he is creative and can never earn money. Saddened by this breakup, he had thought of ways to commit suicide in creative ways, which he had listed in that letter.

Trying to make a breaking news, our reporter approached several news channels. Their responses were: ‘A guy committed suicide, oh no, waste of slot‘, ‘Had he been non-Hindu, we would have shown this suicide as staged encounter and blame Narendra Modi for his death‘,’..a guy died, wow.. a potential rapist is gone‘, etc.

Tired of all these, our reporter approached a lawyer asking him about the chances of this issue getting a limelight for him. “You mean to file a case on behalf of him?”, he laughed, “Bachcha! Breakups are not given any importance, if it is done to a boy. Boys are not emotional and they are sexual perverts. How can they feel emotional for a breakup? But there are exception scenarios, where you can bring breakup party to court and slap a case on him. For example, recently Nitish broke up with BJP and the reason for the breakup was Modi. If something happens to JD(U) in Bihar, then they will be welcomed by courts and media all over nation to file case against NaMo”

Depressed by this stance, our reporter approached policeman who had visited Mutta’s home earlier and showed him the suicide notes highlighting that there was abetting of his suicide. “Sorry. We are now busy in betting case and if we take up this abetting issue, then it will be like contradicting ourselves. Betting-Abetting. Moreover, they (Mutta’s relatives) told us to close the case, saying that Gravity is the reason for his death. Sounds true. Without gravity, how can he die by hanging? He would be floating, bhai, floating!”, saying this, the policeman gestured like floating himself in air.

Finally, our reported tried to do some detective work by searching Mutta’s ex-girlfriend profile on Facebook. She had married two months back(and had probably given invitation to irritate him before flying to America). She was seen in photos hugging her new husband, with 415 likes & 55 ‘made for each other’ comments. On the day after Mutta had died, she had updated her status as “Heard something disturbing. My cat has vomited. Oh, I miss my cat so much. Bicchichumucchchu!”