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Man comes out of coma, realizes Sachin has retired, wants to go back

19, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

Mumbai: In a bizarre incident, Rahul Chauhan, who was in coma since six months, recovered consciousness on Saturday afternoon. But he wasn’t happy for long.

Sachin Tendulkar
The world is not the same

Being a huge cricket fan, he switched on the TV and to his horror, he came to know that Sachin has retired and shrieked loudly, “Ailaa!” Now he requests the doctors to send him back into coma.

Faking News reporter Abhishek Patel got an exclusive interview with him. When asked about this bizarre request, Rahul said, “Sachin was all my life. I used to watch all his games irrespective of the time they were aired at. I went into a coma because I met with an accident while listening to Sachin’s batting on the radio. He was a guy who would compensate for the performance of stalwarts like Ashok Dinda, Ishant Sharma and Ashish Nehra.”

He continued, “To follow Sachin, I waited till I was 30 to get married as I wouldn’t get any rishta from a girl called Anjali. I have been doing his trademark trouser-stuck-in-the-crotch action too. Though it has made me comparatively less socially acceptable, I do it for my Master. After him, I don’t think there’s enough sanctity left.