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Man claims that Lord Shiva appeared in his dream

07, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

The drama surrounding Varun, an ordinary individual working for a very famous IT corporation, has become a topic of raging debates.

He claims lord Shiva appeared in his dreams. In a country where we give respect to realized souls, he faces the wrath of many religious institutions and support of many spiritual giants.

He remembers returning home after a late night party. The Lord visited him in his dream, the Lord was very tired and sad, he started crying before me, a visibly confused Varun recollects from his faint memory. He however has remained silent on what the Lord has actually told him. He kept on muttering “you wont get it, so why should I explain”.

The reaction of the society has been quite sharp with many agnostics waiting patiently for answers at his door steps. The leader of this group shares the idea that they will search for answers and that they have finally found their master. The Yoga guru Sri Sri Ananandam Baba Sriji, the president of You Need To Let Go of Your Desires (YNTLGOYD) has taken the whole issue very calmly and has responded to this situation saying, he knows all the answers and the best thing Varun can do right now is to join his club.

The situation become extremely volatile, when Varun’s parents decided to take him to a Psychiatrist. The Human Rights Shall be Protected By US (HRSBPBU) group reacted strongly to this blatant violation of human rights. They have taken him under their protective custody through legal means. The situation beacme much more complicated when Sri Sri Ananandam Baba Sriji, declared that he will be on fast until Lord Shiva doesn’t appear on his dreams as he feels he would be able to help the lord out. The Prime minister who was forced to interfere at this point. PM has called him personally and requested him, not to give the Lord an ultimatum.

Varun’s behaviour has become calmer now and has started answering questions from the media. He realizes that the goal in his life is to start a new religion for Lord Shiva. Varun has decided to change his name to something which is meaningful and have promised answers to all and any questions once he is back from his spiritual sabbatical in Goa.