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Man caught painting the walls using Tide

06, Aug 2014 By vishwasnyaik

Passionate about the white color, a man from Mumbai caught painting his walls using Tide.

On the silent afternoon of 4 August, Chutkau, resident of Kandivali area was painting the walls. Everything was going smoothly until Ramesh (his neighbor) found Tide mixture in his paint bucket.  As soon as Ramesh found the activity, he informed Suresh (Ramesh’s best friend and neighbor of Chukau) and they called police to solve the matter.

As per the police report, Chutkau was the winner of JK wall putty competition and he was passionate about the white walls. From the past few months he was under depression as the walls was not looking white. He often had a fight with his wife about the wall color and finally he decided to paint the walls. Perplexed by the different shades of white available, Chutkau finally chose Tide washing powder, which gives 100 percent whiteness.

According to his wife, Chutkau is a decent man and passionate about the white color. On further investigation, police found out that Chutkau was provoked by the “White hai to tide hai” tagline and hence they are now filing the case against tide. In the defense, managing director of Tide blame JK white cement as it forced Chutkau to go for alternative.

After primary interrogation and warning Chutkau was set free by the police while his neighbors are still in the police station eating five stars. Just like Ramesh and Suresh if you also find unusual activity around your area then please contact the police station. Stay tuned for more updates on this case.