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Man buying Dollar, Euro duped; gets Underwear

17, Jun 2017 By funkaar

A man in Jalpaiguri has filed a complaint with the Economic Offences Wing for financial fraud. Subhas Bhowmick was duped by a man claiming to provide “great rates” on Dollar and Euro. “This is the first of its kind fraud in this area”, stated Commissioner Aviral Roy, as he addressed the local media.

Sad man over his destiny
Sad man over his destiny

Mr. Bhowmick was planning to go to Europe for his honeymoon post his wedding next month. The strong Indian Rupee for the past weeks prompted him to convert into Dollar and Euro. A visit to the local haat led him to a middleman by the name of Yadav. “Yadav told me he had a very good rate on Dollar and Euro with an additional 10% discount; as he wanted to convert his stock into cash fast”, recounted Mr. Bhowmick.

After depositing 1 lakh Rupees with Yadav, Subhas was taken aback when a truck landed at his house that evening. It was sent by Yadav and it contained a truckload of Euro, Dollar underwear and vests. He and his relatives apprehended the driver and his help and beat them till the police arrived. They were also stripped into their undergarments which were also Dollar and Euro branded.

The delivery note for the transactions bears Mr. Bhowmick’s signature for the description “Dollar, Euro worth 1 lakh Rupee”. This has the police confused on how to proceed with the case. Mr. Yadav is absolutely certain that the transaction is clean and he will not return any money to Subhas.

Mr. Bhowmick has no more money left. With the little money available, he will now go to Darjeeling, where his bride hails from. When we asked him what happens to the truckload of undergarments he ended up buying, Mr. Bhowmick was not sure. “I think I will gift a pair each to my male relatives. The balance I will donate to the underprivilged who are under-dressed.”