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Man books e-Tatkal ticket in 2 min, becomes Fastest man on Earth

26, Feb 2013 By kaba

In what came as a big surprise on the day of the railway budget, a man was able to book an online tatkal ticket in 2 min. The man is now being claimed faster than the Superman, as booking a confirmed e-tatkal ticket in 2 min is in itself an impossible task. On hearing this news, many people flocked at his house to see this great person.

Mr. Jhadu Yadav logged in at sharp 10:00 AM, as soon as the tatkal counter opened online, and immediately was able to get access to the site and by 10:02 AM had book his ticket. He himself was unable to believe his luck. When contacted by Faking News, he said, “I was not hopeful of booking an e-tatkal ticket at all. It was my 15th attempt in 16 days to book an e-tatkal ticket. I had to go for the wedding of my relative but was unable to get any e-ticket so thought will try my luck at tatkal. Some say that it’s easier to win on a roulette table in a casino than book an e-tatkal ticket. But my efforts of giving milk to Naag Devta and Sarso ka tel to Shani Devta paid off.” He got a bit emotional and tears rolled down form his eyes.

When the Railway Department was contacted regarding this miracle, at first they refused to believe it, but when showed the copy of the ticket they gave the following answer, “We at Railways are committed to milking serving the public. Booking an e-tatkal ticket is a very impossible easy task. Though even we are shocked as to how it happened. And will try to find the reason for the same.”

But the feat was lauded by many in India. Anna Hazare said, “This is the victory of the common man on the system. We will also get Lok Pal Bill passed like this.” Arvind Kejriwal added, “This guy deserves a mention in Guinness record for his achievement. Soon, I am going to expose a railway scam regarding e-ticketing. We can’t let our youth waste time, sitting in front of their laptops and PC for tickets. Change will come.” Baba Ramdev said ,” Hum…Tax… Jadi Booti… Alom Vilom… Kapil Sibal… Bhenji…”, the rest we were unable to hear as Baba Ramdev was standing on top of the bus leaving for the hometown of Mr. Yadav. Kapil Sibal said, “We will check that this man didn’t break any rules of IT act while booking the ticket and then come back with a comment.”

Meanwhile the parliament was cancelled following an uproar on hearing the news about e-ticket. BSP people demanded to know what this e-ticket was?? And demanded rollback of the service. One BSP MLA said, “e-ticket?? Hum to aaj tak ticket hi nahi liye hai..!!”

Any attempt after the incident to reach the Railway people or booking an e-ticket was met with the same response “error in connection. Please try again later.”