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Man asks IIT seat for his son on "humanitarian ground" after Lalit Modi controversy

19, Jun 2015 By Harsh

In an unexpected event not related to External Affairs ministry, dean of IIT Mumbai had to face request from one Mr. Sampat from Dadar.

Mr Sampat is very pragmatic person, working as bank clerk till some time back. He was expecting his son Chetan to do well in academics. But recently announced results of 12th exams dashed all his hopes when Chetan only managed to score 64% marks. With no chance to enter any  good academic institution and poor bank balance forced Mr. Sampat to think hard on options available for Chetan.

Sushma Swaraj thinking if her moves has opened a can of worms
Sushma Swaraj thinking if her moves has opened a can of worms

First he thought of applying for Shiv Vada Pav centre through Shiv Sena Employment Guarantee Scheme, which not only would provide his son 365 days of employment but also a chance to build his physic whenever there is Railway Recruitment Board exams takes place in Mumbai.

But long standing legal battle with local Shiv Sena leader blocked this rout. He was unable to find out solution for few weeks until he saw Arnab on Times Now. He heard this week that ministers in  government are helping people in distress abroad on Humanitarian Ground.

He found his situation identical except he was never caught on wrong side of law ever. Taking cue from this event Mr. Bhagat went straight to Dean of IIT Mumbai and explain the situation before demanding seat for his son in Mechanical  faculty as undergraduate. Dean found this request bizarre but could not flatly refuse him because this will be seen as not following government’s policy.

The Dean found himself in awkward situation and asked Mr. Sampat of 1 week time to deliberate and discuss with the Board. Mr. Sampat on the other hand returned home with broad smile on his face. In the evening he gave interview to local cable news channel that his son will surely get an admission in IIT on Humanitarian Ground.