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Man arrested for planning to clean the parliament house with sulphuric acid

03, Oct 2014 By ajeeb

New Delhi: On this auspicious day of Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri s’ birthday, the country felt a turmoil because of a psychic man named Bholanath Thakur. Following up the news and photographs of cleanliness drive in the country, Bholanath tried to wash up the parliament house with ‘98% v/v sulfuric acid’.


It came into the notice of government officials when bholanath was found arguing with a traffic thug police near Sansad Bhawan, “He came driving from Rajpath in an autorickshaw, and was not having any papers and driving license. I felt agitated, cause on this holy occasion I was not in a mood to take bribe fine. Upon being asked about the reason of his unlawful behavior he revealed that he has stolen this autorickshaw and is carrying 100 litres of sulfuric acid in order to wash the parliament house with sulfuric acid to clean it ” told constable Jaatwardhak ghooskhor while talking to faking news.

As soon as this news got wired, a huge amount of patriotic policeman gathered there to arrest him, and he was finally arrested.

“This is a matter of national security. Though, bholanath is not having any criminal records his insane ideas are a threat to mankind. He will be punished for this evil planning.” Commented Mr. Bhim Sain Bassi. Famous psychiatrist Dr. Cerebrahmachari Prasadimagi is dealing with bholanath right now, when faking news approached him for any information about the said culprit. He told “A mental condition is a condition, and in order to get through a condition it is sometimes quite obvious that your mind will put in severe conditions. Bholanath is an example of this.”

Faking news assures that as soon as the said diagnosis will be encrypted in a layman terms, it will be on the cover page of our website.

Meanwhile, there are rumors that somebody close to Bholanath have been through an acid attack few years back and that has made him a somewhat mentally unstable person. Though, he has his own opinions for the benefit of the common mass.