Wednesday, 21st March, 2018

Man actually has a year of bad luck after forgetting to forward chain email

21, Jan 2014 By Vaibhav Anand

Delhi: Tadapit Kumar, a software engineer working in Gurgaon but settled in Delhi, has become the first documented case of someone suffering from continuous bad luck after he forgot to forward a chain email to ten of his friends and say ‘Hari Om’.

“Something wrong will happen.”

“Ever since I forgot to forward this email to ten of my friends, I have been suffering from bad luck, virtually every single day,” Tadapit said in an interview with this reporter.

“I have been getting huge jams at the Gurgaon toll every day, my father who was a Congress MLA lost in the elections and my annual appraisal has been terrible. In fact, even the Maruti Alto I bought has been giving an on-road mileage of twenty kilometres to the litre versus the advertised mileage of twenty six. Clearly something is afoot!”

When pointed out that most of these things were natural occurrences that could have occurred regardless of him having forgotten to forward the email in question, Tadapit laughed and said, “My corporate life has taught me that one has to document conversations on email to get things moving and here you have this email where someone has documented bad luck. If it is documented, it has to happen!”