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Man accidentally enters office on his leave day while playing Pokemon Go

27, Jul 2016 By citycoolguy350

Bangalore. Mr. Suresh Chandra, a software professional in one of the leading software companies in Bangalore had taken a sick leave last Friday. However, he had taken leave to play Pokemon Go. He started playing from morning with one of his friends and both traveled in his car to catch various Pokemon characters.

"Oh my Pokemon! Where are you?" man cries
“Oh my Pokemon! Where are you?” man cries

Suresh’s friend was incidentally driving the car while Suresh was too busy in looking at map for Pokemon Characters. One of the Pokemon characters was being shown at Suresh’s office. Suresh was so engrossed in the game that he failed to make out his office location on the map and also while entering office premises, he was continuously looking at his phone. As soon as he stepped out of the car his boss, who was present there saw him. Suresh’s boss was surprised as well as happy to see him at the office despite Suresh being on leave. When his boss asked him, Suresh just could not think of any reason of him being in the office and so he decided to work at office.

When we contacted Mr. Suresh whether he would play Pokemon Go in weekends, he replied, “I don’t have time in weekends as my wife asks me to take her outside and involves me in playing Candy Crush, of which I have become bored of.I will take leave some other day and will ensure that this time I play at a safe distance from my office.”