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Mamta's tapped phone found dead

26, Sep 2012 By farzi

West Bengal. Mamta Banarjee’s allegation that her phone had been tapped proved false, if CBI’s report is to be believed. “Didi’s phone is dead since January 2011. We have been investigating the matter for last one month and today got her call details from BSNL office after filling some 100 forms and visiting the office 3 times a day.” said a senior officer of CBI. “Her connection has been cut ever since she stopped paying her bills.” he further added.

When FNI (Fake news of India) contacted BSNL they confirmed the news. “She didn’t pay the bill for December 2010. We waited till January before deciding to stop giving her our (bad) services.” said Billiya Uthaan, head of BSNL headquarter in West Bengal, “When our bill recovery agents knocked her door she called them ‘Maoists’ and shooed them away. Her unpaid amount of ‘one lakh sixty four thousand five hundred fifty five rupees and 40 paise’ is still a burden on the shoulders of telecom department of BSNL.”

In a press conference when being asked about the matter Manmohan said “Due to economic crisis government was unable to pay such heavy bills and this might be the reason behind her connection getting knocked off.” He told to FNI reporters that Mamta needs to learn something from him as his bill never crossed Rs. 15 per month instead of a caller-tune with song ‘Main Chhup Rahoonga’ playing in his phone since the day he became PM.

Mamta in return slams CBI and Manmohan for giving false statement in media. She is still firm on her belief that her phone was tapped. She also claimed that she still use to talk with her same phone and the connection has never been cut. Farhan Akhtar tweeted, ” @DIDI_rocks How can somebody talk on dead phone. May be this is the case which i had in my movie ‘Karthik Calling Karthik’. Mamta must be talking to herself all day. LOLZ..”

Now, what should we call this? ‘Mamta Calling Mamta’??