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Mamta Banarjee asks ISIS to 'Come, Make in Bengal'

07, Oct 2014 By ashu

“ISIS is most secular MNC”

Taking cue from the centre, West Bengal chief minister Mamta Banarjee today asked ISIS to invest and set up manufacturing units in West Bengal. West Bengal has often been considered a difficult state to start industries but that is now set to change with the Bengal government now open to foreign investment .

Addressing a rally, she said, “Our state has struggled for a long time, unemployment is on the rise hence my government has asked ISIS to come and manufacture in Bengal. From explosives to grenades come make in Benga , from suicide bombers to arms come make in Bengal.” This move is bound to silence the opposition parties in Bengal who have time and again complained about the economic policies of the government.

ISIS is expected to sign a 3 billion dollar memorandum of understanding with the Bengal government in a lavish ceremony in Kolkata which will have the top leaders from ISIS in attendance. This move will encourage other organization like Al Qaeda and IM groups to put their money in West Bengal.

According to some of the sources in the state government, Mamta Banarjee will launch a formal logo of the ‘Make in Bengal’ campaign in the next few days along with the website.