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Make In India already a success in Kanpur

01, May 2015 By khakshar

Kanpur: The first clear good sign of PM’s initiative of “Make in India” is visible in the advertisement which do the rounds of advertisements on the TV. It appears that the maximum advertisement slot has been taken over by “Kesaria Elaichi” (saffron cardamom). Going by the overhead expenses, the Pan Masala manufacturers seem to be first to enjoy fruits of “Make in India’.

Painting The Town Red
Painting The Town Red

It is evident that Europeans, Americans and Australians have taken the silver coated betel-nut pills of which Priyanka Chopra is the brand ambassador. The focus of  the industry which is mostly Kanpur based is upon exports. Faking News sent it’s citizen journalist to Kanpur to be the first to report about the success in making. A travel advisory by the editors, not to be overtaken by greed of “Guthka”, was forced upon @khakshar. Little that our editors realize that one has to still pay for it even in Kanpur.

The correspondent met Mr.Gajodhar Srivastava  just outside the railway station at Kanpur. With his mouth full he was negotiating for dozens of saffron flavored Pan Masala. He explained that he and his wife were expecting a child. As pregnant ladies are advised by relatives to have saffron. But that was out of stock and too costly. Hence, he decided to take home saffron flavored Paan Masala. Housewives have also started use of some other brand to garnish the food with them instead of Elaichi.

Other small units of Kanpur were still closed. Some due to lack of business and some due to lack of electricity. Floors leading to Guthka factories were painted of different shades of Red. It’s a different matter that the other thriving industries have their balance sheet still in red.

It is also learnt that some paint manufacturers may set up shop in CawnPore and will have structural primer paint (Red Oxide Paint) production unit.