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Maharashtra government to hire Rajnikanth to complete the pending work of Mumbai Metro

30, Dec 2013 By idiot

As we all know very well that Mumbai metro system is  under construction in the city of Mumbai. This work was actually started like 6 to 7 years back, but it has not been yet accomplished.

Supergalaxy Rajnikanth.
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The system is designed basically to reduce traffic in Mumbai city, but now the picture seems different. In the past 6-7 years, because of Metro construction, the traffic in Mumbai city has increased 20 times the original.

Now the government is planning to hire Rajnikanth to do the remaining work of construction because he is believed to be the fastest worker in the entire country. Maharashtra Government has already sent an agreement document to Chennai Government so that they can send Rajnikanth for a month or so to Mumbai. It is believed that Rajnikanth will perform the work within 30 days.The Mumbai Metro operators Mumbai Metro One Private ltd has agreed with the Maharashtra Government.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh,who is famous for not saying anything and who only gives nod without understanding has gone through the agreement and given a nod under the surveillance of Mrs Sonia Gandhi.

Mr Rahul Gandhi also loved the agreement and is going to use it in his next speech against Mr Narendra Modi. The citizens of Mumbai are very happy because finally after 6-7 years of wait,they are going to enjoy the Mumbai Metro.The Mumbai Metro is going to be renamed as the Rajnikanth Superfast Metro. If Rajnikanth completes the work early within 20 days,the government is planning to construct a new Metro line all the way till Virar.