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Maggi not just noodles, it’s a power meal, assert engineering students

07, Dec 2013 By Manish Aneja

In India, engineering students are god gifted with extra normal mentality and they have bizarre theory on each and every subject or issue. Their approach towards anything is like “a camel trying to adjust himself in General coach of Indian railway” or “Sunny Leone charming a black horse for lifetime relationship”, say it disgusting or distinguishing.

Staple diet of engineering students.

Such human beings are Ramesh & Suresh, roommates in a hostel of an ‘Unknown’ College of engineering and technology, Raavanpur. Both are studious guys in Civil engg.(majboori mein majdoori) department and fond of addict of maggi noodles past mid night. Both have a dream to see the bright future of India, so they believe in studying when it is dark. And they prefer to sleep when India shines sunny.

Since the commencement of 3rd semester, they developed the habit of studying at nights and sleeping in lectures and lunch break. The habit of awakening at nights needed regular feeding which made them fond of maggi and soon addict of maggi, explained Suresh. We study in night for 5 hours with 2 maggi breaks of 30 mins. each.

It would be immoral to say that maggi takes only 2 minutes. I manage to cook maggi in 5 minutes and 32 seconds, while my friend Suresh takes 4 minutes 17 seconds, it depends on experience and “save fuel” strategy. On an average it takes 5 minutes of boiling, but keeps boiling our body for 4 hours, in which we set up the foundation of India’s bright future, unleashed Ramesh.

Do not just call it noodles, it has been our “power meal” in the times when world sleeps powerlessly. One of them even threw poetic lines:

“When world falls asleep after having meals in night Maggi keeps our excitement and will upright”

As we are in 4th year now, we have completely lost interest in studies hence we are left with no reason to awake in nights, after which I sometimes fear dark future of India, said Ramesh. But the addiction and excitement of eating maggi at 4am do not let us sleep, again keeping India’s future bright. We sometimes fall asleep due to drunkenness or tiredness, for that we have put a permanent “maggi alarm” in the alarm watch gifted to me by my younger sister with the hope that bhaiya(I) will create a Guinness world record of waking up early in the morning to study syllabus. My poor innocent sis!

Whether I wake up or not for peeing, whether I wake up or not when Ramesh is in fever, but I always wake up when “maggi alarm” rings, asserted maggi lover Suresh.

Writer’s confession: With such astonishing mental-neurological arrangement in an engineer’s mind and body, pass out engineering students in India are still recognized as born unemployed if they are from a non branded, non marketed Engg. College, but they develop themselves as true Desi Human beings unlike IItians or NITians.