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Maggi India launches Maggie Masala Rayata, hopes to become popular again

05, Jun 2015 By Anubhav Kumar

After the recent case filed by a lawyer in UP and in view of declining sales of Maggi Masala, Nestle India decided to launch new product, Maggi Masala Rayata. They also briefed media in a press conference that the brand ambassador for the new product will be none other than Salman Khan.

Nestle India marketing head mentioned that they had taken this decision after an internal brainstorming session of senior management where the leadership acknowledged that this was the only way forward for them to capture the declining sales and rebuild the brand.

Now available as raayta
Now available as raayta

“Given the fact that Maggi and Salman, both have a huge fan following, both brands have been unknowingly dragged into the rayata of biased India media trial and both are non-committal, their exists a complete synergy. With gods grace and luck on their side, Nestle India hopes that like Salman Khan case, they will also be able to convince the proponents of their case that lead was actually put by their competition Top Ramen spuriously in select samples to defame them,” a lawyer explained the logic.

When Faking News reporter spoke to Salman Khan on the issue and asked about the MSG levels in Maggi Masala Rayata, he responded that he was only aware of MSG-The Messenger of God and in case there are permissible levels of prasad from MSG in Masala Rayata, it might actually benefit both children and older people equally.

He however responded that he has asked his bodyguard Shera to test and taste the new flavor before endorsing the brand. On being accountable for endorsing the brand, he was very straightforward that he was an accountable “Human Being” with great value system. When our reporter asked the fees Salman Bhai was charging, he simply diverted the question by saying that this endorsement was part of his “Being Human” campaign for general good of society and poor children in specific.

The new product will be launched by the Ministry of Social Empowerment under the aegis of “Make in India” campaign. When inquired about the campaign, the Minister informed that “Make in India” is an emotion, a feeling that resonates with Maggi Masala Rayata and will be helpful for upliftment and social empowerment of people in whose life has only Rayata. Afterall,”Happiness is homemade” and so is Rayata.