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Lutyens' to get free water

12, May 2014 By khakshar

Election Commission of India has so far seized nearly Rs 280 crores of cash and nearly 16 million litres of liquor during the elections. The EC has also seized 1.69 lakh kg of drugs and narcotic across the country during the period. It is not surprising  that while Punjab tops in the amount of narcotics seizure , Andhra Pradesh leads the list in cash while Gujarat tops the  liquor seizures.


The cash seized hence is normally deposited in Treasury after ensuring that it is not counterfeit.

It is the amount of narcotics and liquor and its disposal that is worrying the EC. Many proposal for disposals are pending with the election body .

Sources say, EC is considering to dump the “cool stuff” in Lutyens’ zone. The burial is planned in the Central Ridge Reserve Forest near Block C . With Delhi being rated as one of the most polluted cities , the commission will take special measures to dispose of non bio degradable packing and glass, which will be sent for recycling.

It’s learnt that The three wise men have also taken into note the natural phenomenon of seepage. The  consideration of  increase of ground water level has also been accounted. The election body  is in the course of directing the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) ,”the urban local body working in Lutyens’ ” to supply drinking water from the ground water of  the reserved area. The water starved MCD has agreed in principal to dig bore wells for supplying drinking water in the bungalows.

The Parliament Secretariat is quite  excited about the proposed burial as it will help them control the Parliament sessions better and is of the view that all MPs should bring their water bottles from their houses.

Talking to the citizen journalist on condition of  animosity an official of the Parliamentary Housing division said that the main reason of twenty two MPs and Ministers, refusing to vacate the Bungalows, was this facility.

These group of esteemed 22 are contemplating a petition. The groups alleges conspiracy to keeping them bereft of  the flavored drinking water scheme . The G 22 will be asking for 22 barrels each if forcefully evicted from Lutyens.