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After "Lunch from Office", SBI announces "Work from Home" for its employees

09, Mar 2017 By sameer mahawar

Mumbai. Known for greeting its customers with “Abhi lunch time hai, baad mein ana”, the largest lender in the country, just before sealing the end of appraisal season, has provided its employees with an option to work from home, which they seldom do at office.

Employees may think that it’s a privilege, but the HR Managers have altogether different view behind this move.

Lunch and sleeping from Office; Work from home
Lunch and sleeping from Office; Work from home

According to Bank’s Human Resources team survey, it was reported that more than 70% of day’s time is spent collectively in lunch hours, playing football with customers while handling their queries by directing them from one counter to another and filing false reimbursement claims.

To avoid these unproductive practices, employees are now provided with an option to work from their own places which would not only reduce their lunch hours, but also will save bank’s cost, which it occurs by providing false traveling claims.

Mr Pranav Desai, the Chief Operations Officer from the bank commented, ” People now a days tend to visit branches less as they never know when bank comes up with new and unjustified transaction charges. Our employees find it difficult to spend their time without getting involved in any argument due to less public dealing. Hence we took this step to allow them to work from home in order to avoid boredom at the workplace.”

Few of the employees who, according to public, take lunch for three times a day are finding it hard to invent new excuses to avoid work at home and are planning to join other banks where work seems to be a distant dream till the likes of Mallayas don’t appear in market.