Tuesday, 23rd January, 2018

Love marriage is confidential matter

06, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: As the registrations of marriages are now obligatory, the efficacy of the love marriage becomes more significant. In this changing situation, the love marriage can be said the precursor to the new rule. When the state government is focussing on this elemental criterion, the love marriage should get recognition in our traditional society. The love marriage becomes inclusive only after marriage registration between the two consenting adults. This process removes extra troubles. When such advantage is already staying there is no sense of considering the love marriages as extremely despicable. The mindset has to be changed before our state’s scientific temper.

Love marriage has always been an attention-grabbing matter. Varied views are expressed in regard to this unconventional marriage. The Very hushed discussion goes over this different kind of wedding as we do not tire to discuss this marriage though it is solely based on two adults’ confidential consent. What if the marriages based on love are twisted! At least this type of marriage gives a direct attack on the unacceptable dowry system. The two lovers vow to live together forever without any outward fear. This trend could minimise extravagance on the wedding ceremony. No crowds, no fuss and undeniably no pain in this simple wedding at the marriage Bureau.

Bizarrely the young people hanker after the love marriage frantically like sportspersons show utmost interest in adventure sports.  The efforts for love marriage succeed after a lot of tribulations and the two souls are made to chant all is well if it ends well. Love marriage can be equalled with scaling on the Mount Everest with full-witted privacy. Irrefutably it is a careful formality with the trusted girlfriend. Self-appetite and hatred towards the convents overpower this tendency. If there is no baseness in the practice of love, why do go on so many hue and cries?