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Love letter of an IAS aspirant – 300 words, 20 marks

20, Oct 2015 By victorghomes

1) Background Dear Julie Sheela/Rano/(Dhai) Jamalo, since the time I saw you reading law commission’s 262nd report on death penalty in august 2015, I fell in love with you.

Committee’s recommendation: I submitted this query to a group of ministers comprising Tiwari ji from Illahbad, Balaji Ghughe from Maharashtra and Himalavi Bindu from Hyderabad (her email id is babyhamar (although she is 23 and has recently given her 2nd attempt and wants to work for women empowerment like all other women) which is little worse than my earlier email id known as dgenxdeepak which I accidentally filled in my 1st attempt DAF (inspired from d-generation x of WWE which had triple h and Shawn Micheals as its members). How much? – very much (this cant be quantified since this a qualitative data as written in rhombus).

2) Arguments in favor of loving you:  As said by my heart Its a basic need-1 (in GS-4 topic of emotional intelligence I read that love is a basic emotion) Its a basic need-2 (in life process chapter-2 of biology in 9th class i read that sex making love is a basic need) But why do I love you although there are many women from all parts of the country– for this ill quote a line from song of Dil To Pagal Hai movie written by Anand Bakshi Sahab “Bholi Si Surat, Aankhon Mein Grand Masti Door Khadi Sharmaye, Aaye Haaye” (An innocent face, mischief in her eyes, Staying far she blushes, oh my).

Himalavi Bindu who is already engaged, said from her personal experience that love is lovely like fair and lovely as told to her by friend lovely singh from lovely public school.

3) Arguments against loving you– The committee in 2:1 vote recommended me to love you with sole dissenting note by Balaji Ghughe Wo moti bahut hai…… oxygen kheech legi (she is fat, she will suck all the oxygen and you will feel breathless (but when I showed him Dum Lagake Haisha in Marathi subtitles then he cried). Sex is a hype, just a basic need (I asked him in private that are you saying it after masturbating, to which he was started looking to ceiling fan and said main bhi aata hun, bourvita peene ka time hai) Auraat narak ka dwaar hai, IAS mein fail kara degi (nothing new, after breakup and after poor results in tuition test/10th result/12th result/IIT entrance result/IAS result ant and after Virat Kohli doesn’t score runs, we all men (and even patriarchal women) instead of accepting blame on ourselves shout loudly “Galti toh Anushka ki hai”

4) Concluding remark: Still I am confused (as usual and saala subah se hindu newspaper bhi complete nahi hua…its 1 pm) and so I am writing this letter. What is your response? Critically analyze with supporting examples. (word limit exceeded – 458 words)

Deepak singh (deleted my id 2 years back  Date – oct 19, 2015 (1 pm) Additional comments are precum welcum

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