Thursday, 26th April, 2018

"Losing to Everton guarantees silverware this season"-SAF

16, Sep 2012 By sp2982

The manager of Manchester United was surprisingly over the moon after losing to Everton in their first game of the season. Despite the second questioning by recent signing Robin van Persie, Sir Alex Ferguson did not even try to hide his joy at a loss. On being questioned he said, “Man Utd is known to be a club which bounces back. I am sure we will now go on a winning spree after this loss. In fact, if we lose the next game to Fulham as well, the spree after that will just be longer and so on. Also, personally I am very scared of playing Everton. Losing just 1-0 to them with the defense we had is a major relief.”

“JK. HAHA. LOL. All the above is just fake. The truth is I had asked my team to lose intentionally because of my personal superstitions. As observed before, whenever we beat Everton, we win trophies. But whenever they draw against us, we end up with nothing. So, this time I did not give them an opportunity to draw against us. Smart aye?” Before the reporters could tell SAF how angry the supporters will be on reading this, he was distracted by a certain somebody called Wayne Rooney who also is a kind of star player at Old Trafford. He didn’t look happy for sure.

Being a huge United supporter, I can only hope what is done is done and for now the superstitions of Ferguson prove to be true straight away and not after the Everton match or even later.