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Lord Krishna appears personally to motivate a guy to resign

16, Jul 2014 By nikunjdosi

A guy named Tyagpatra Singh, who was working in an IT firm in Pune, is a point of discussion these days after he claimed that Lord Krishna personally appeared in front of him to motivate him to forward the resignation which was saved as draft since two year in his mail box.


TP Singh told Faking News that since very long time he was planning to forward that drafted mail which he proofreads very day before going to bed. But this Monday morning when he reached office 15 minutes early (still he doesn’t know why and how), he found Lord Krishna sitting right next to him.

First he thought that this unprecedented and unexplained phenomenon is merely a hallucination caused by hangover of Sunday night or maybe he was sleep deprived because of FIFA’14.

But he said he couldn’t believe when Krishna ji started preaching Gita ka saar to him:

“Whatever you have done here, You have done good for nothing. Your plan to resign; is for your good. Whatever that will happen, it will be for good. What modicum of raise you have got, for which you cry. And the girl you’re ogling will get married soon. Whatever you have done, credit has been given to your TL. You brought no knowledge with you and taking nothing either from here, Whatever you are doing today; Will be done by some other poor chap tomorrow. This is the law of this corporate universe. Don’t fall in this trap”

After this event TP singh finally forwarded that drafted mail. While collecting his belongings from desk, elated TP said, he is planning to open a Punjabi Chinese dhaba very soon.