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Lord Ganesha shares top 10 songs which he heard during Ganpati festival on Facebook, Char botal Vodka on top

12, Sep 2014 By Gaurav Mittal

Ganesh ji is one of those gods who interact with people on earth quite often. Few years back he started drinking milk through his idols in various temples. Every year he comes to stay with us for few days during Ganpati festival. This time Ganesh ji has surprised everyone by giving updates through Facebook.

Ganpati Bappa!

Soon after visarjan and reaching Kailash Mansarovar, Ganesh ji checked in on Facebook and also shared the top 10 songs which he heard at various pandals. He updated, “Reached home safely and now my ziddi wives Riddhi & Siddhi are asking me to share the top 10 songs which my devotees made me hear in Pandal 24X7.  Here they are”

  1. Char botal vodka
  2. Baby Doll mei sone di
  3. Jumme ki raat hai ( Please note that this song was played every day and not only on Jumma)
  4. Aata Majhi Satakli (Even my majhi satakli whenever I used to hear it)
  5. Party all night (Ya they didn’t let me sleep)
  6. Shiela ki Jawaani
  7. Munni Badnam Hui
  8. O la la, O la la
  9. Chikni Chameli
  10. Pink Lips

After about two hours Ganesh ji again updated his status “Pitaji & Mataji are asking about Ram Gopal Varma who tweeted for me to get some attention. I have told them not to worry as Ram Gopal Varma is a bit frustrated and needs some rest  after a series of flops. Even Bal Ganesha did better business on box office than his last 5 movies collectively. Probably he was trying to get some attention from Arnab Goswami”. Shivaji and Parvati ji liked this status.

The king of heaven Indra also posted on Ganesh ji wall and asked, “Hey, welcome back, how was Mumbai?” To this Ganesh ji replied, “Dude, you should not shower over Mumbai, the city becomes hell whenever you pour rain over there. It wasn’t a very safe journey from the city to Arabian Sea during visarjan. Otherwise it was all good. Got to meet all Bollywood guys. Also since during my festival DJ is allowed till 12:00 AM, the youngsters had a good time too”