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Loose leopard caught in Chennai

03, Mar 2014 By sansmerci05

Leopard which was giving sleepless nights to the people of Meerut has been caught alive in Chennai.

The leopard a resident of the Sariska national park had to look for alternate place after the hill in which its cave lies was razed down by mining mafias for marble.

The animal later took refuge in a tree but harassment continued when the trees was felled by other sandalwood and red sanders mafias. The ordeal didn’t end up there. The leopard who has a distant cousin, a snow leopard in the Himalayas had taught it how to survive with just water; which it had in turn learnt from a sanyasi meditating there for years after he was fed up seeing films directed by Prabhu Deva.

To its surprise when the leopard returned to its jungle, it was found that the water pool was leased to a multinational cola company. Frustrated it decided to end its life when one of its friend told him about Amma canteen where you get idlis for one rupee.

So the leopard decided to travel to Chennai. It s friend also told the leopard that if it boards the train in UP and Bihar no one would ask it for the ticket. So it travelled by foot till UP from where it took a train to Chennai.

After reaching Chennai, the leopard was even more frustrated by the traffic sense and almost got killed twice by the government MTC bus. It later remembered from its friend that there is a huge bushy forest in the Siruseri IT Park and no one can find.

Its friend who is an elephant had strayed there for some 9 days and no one had even noticed it. But his time when it was in Siruseri IT Park, a suspended inspector had come there in search of his kids missing cat. He mistook the leopard to be his kid’s pet and had taken it home. It was only after that it had mauled his neighbor’s dog, he found that it was a leopard and forest officials had confirmed it to be the loose leopard.

The inspector, who had given an exclusive interview to our journalist said, “I had a doubt from the beginning when it didn’t drink milk. Adding to this my kid and wife started to scream after seeing it and ran away to my father-in law’s house. Hopefully, I would be re-instated as early as possible for my wit and bravery.”

The name of the animal is not revealed here to protect its identity as it is a female.