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Lok Sabha poll goes on FB; "Just Like it, to choose it" says ECI

14, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

Since Independence participation of youth in election was a major concern for Election commission of India.

being inline to being online
Being inline to being online.

The main reason behind the least participation was that no one want to go on polling booth from their home either because of security reason or because of laziness.

So, Election commission of India finally decided home delivery of polling booth through flipkart Facebook, In a major breakthrough Election commission of India decides to introduce online polling scheme especially for those youth who cannot “stand inline for 24 mins but can be online for 24 hrs”, with slogan “face your future through Facebook.”

Now youth can vote just by clicking “like” button against the party symbol they want to choose, after casting their vote a message will appear that he has voted viz windows, blackberry etc.

Candidates from different parties started distributing free internet plan & connection and even their started sending friend request to the people of their constituencies, Election commission of India already gave notification through Facebook to block candidate profile if they send friend request to a person with no Mutual friends.

48 hrs before election the candidates are not allowed to log in their Fb profile, this is done to ensure that no one violates of code of conduct.

Citizen are very excited to utilize their “universal adult franchise” and it looks as if 1st election is going to take place, some youth started unblocking their profile that was blocked by them-self in order to avoid their girl friend and girls started uploading their latest pics in their profile.

National Commission for Women has started protesting against Chief election commission because they don’t want to update original age that was made compulsory in e-voting scheme by ECI.

Even Maoist are protesting for the 1st time on timeline by tagging different citizen on their red wallpaper post, and even unemployed Computer Engineering students of various engineering college (popularly known as e-Maoist) join their hand with Maoist to show their protest against failure of government.