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Lok Sabha Fights Over Amendment of POTA to Include Mosquitoes

28, Feb 2013 By fakelyyours

A row erupted in the parliament today over the proposed amendment of POTA to include mosquitoes in its purview.

“These blood sucking creatures are more dangerous than bomb exploding terrorists as they have a strong foothold in every household and manage to terrorize citizens on a daily basis” proposed the National Hopeless Party in a last ditch effort divert public attention from the bomb exploding terrorist towards the blood sucking terrorist who are less evasive than the former.

The rest of the MPs withstanding their obvious empathy towards public blood sucking creatures opposed the proposal saying that it would be inhuman to punish anyone for a natural act which is human blood sucking in this case. Weather it justified the opposition of the original proposal or not it definitely explained their understanding attitude towards the ‘natural acts’ of their own brothers.

The supporters of the proposal further tried to validate their point by pointing out the drain on national economy due to the mosquitoes  “Government has to spend crores every year on malaria awareness media campaign, free treatment of dengue and malaria patients in government hospitals, etc”.

The opposition resorted that a fair and just government should not practice discrimination at any level and National Hopeless Party therefore should not lament expenses incurred due to any terrorist till they surpass the record set by a previous terrorist. At this point the lowly  lower house of the parliament burst in laughter. Hopeless MPs however showed hopeless wit by failing to understand the reference.

Another MP from opposition added that it would be impractical to cover mosquitoes under POTA as we do not have adequate technology to torture mosquitos. One slap or clap of our brave police men leaves them dead which again is the immorality that we cannot allow.

However the original perpetrators  proposers persisted on their point and the lower house witnessed century’s greatest debate. Traffic on Sansad Marg came to a halt. People stopped due to the humming noise that generated from the building. Some thought that an alien invasion has taken place and could only appreciate the aliens for such intelligent selection of target.

Inside sources revealed that after failing to calm the mosquitoes parliamentarians for 15 minutes the Honorable screamer speaker asked for strepsils and a gun to silence them. The guard outside the parliament building who was approached for the gun refused to part with his gun. He did not want the The Honorable Speaker to take away the honor and satisfaction of silencing netas with a gun because that is the ‘aam admi’s “prerogative which the guard is at the end of the day. Therefore the guard marched inside the parliament house with his gun.

He was about to experience his moment of glory just when the house fell silent. A Hopeless member of the ruling party was trying to speak. What he was saying was incoherent but the fact that he has spoken out for something was enough to shock the rest of them (and us) into silence. The gentle man known for having previously rescued the country in an adverse situation this time rescued the MPs from the gun of aam aadmi. He dug up the history of Hopeless party rule and came up with a brilliant middle path.

He stated “ our government is pledged to fight terrorism in whatever form it exists. But at the same time we uphold high human and animal values and for that reason I find mass mosquito murder or imprisonment disturbing. To end this terrorist population in a peaceful way I would recommend macchar nasbandi”.

It’s all quiet in the Sansad Bhavan till someone realizes that we do not have the technology to carry out this hopeless project.