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Little boy's words caused glee

20, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: The other day, a junior class student failed to appear at one subject paper of the school’s unit test owing to a severe headache and continuous vomiting. When he faced his class teacher, she asked him what restricted him to be absent on examination day. Shivering with fear the little student anyhow mustered the courage to tell everything. Therefore, he mumbled, “Sur Mein Dard Hoeing, Ulti Karing.” This led the aged teacher to force the simple-minded student in the English language properly. Soon after, he did what the teacher desired.

However, his Hindi version brought only laughter. Although other students of the class did not laugh at the sentence yet he realised his mistake completely. In one day his facial expression was morbid. Being a nine-year-old student he appeared fully run down condition by his sudden seasonal sickness. His absence during the examination days never happened. It was the primary chance of his absence from the unit examination. The primary section students remain frightened with the strict teachers’ action.

As the school authorities are well aware of the weather conditions bringing ailments altogether, the little students are not able to fight the infections. One posh girls’ school at Tagore road here have even informed the parents to not to send their wards if they have any health hitch. Other schools seemed to be lacking a solid decision in that direction.The cloudy weather causes showers all the time. This kind of information keeps the parents at ease.

When the little lad related his entertaining story to his parents, they laughed continuously. His words were so spoken as it contained sufficient amusing content. The little student was also laughing at his stupidity. In the meantime, the class teacher told him to bring the medical certificate in support of his one-day long staid sickness.