Monday, 23rd April, 2018

Liquor firm fined Rs 55,000 for providing free 'Chakhna' inside Brandy Bottle

22, Sep 2014 By Sunil Kumar Muduli

C Suresh a man from Chennai North, found some ‘chakhna’ pre packed inside a brand new brandy bottle, which he had purchased from liquor outlet. First he was very happy for the offer but latter he discover it to be a dead insect, the very next day he went to the liquor shop asked for bill, but the shop refuse because its too late and they deposited that amount in their Swiss Bank account.

Then Suresh complain the Brandy company, but refused by saying ” you drunkard !! you are in hangover”, when you’ll fine then came back. Later the company stated that it must be the activity of Ancient Aliens from History TV who used this secret of offering Chakhna.

Suresh who was sad not to have drunk a little drop but still called drunkard by company, then he found his friend Ramesh who advice him to filed a case against. then the court order to Brandy company to stop offering Chakhna inside the bottle and order to give Rs. 50.000 Chakhna coupons for the same.