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Lipsticks banned on flights after threat was written by it

11, Jul 2015 By puneexpert

International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) acted swiftly and decisively today by banning lipsticks from being carried on flights in light of the recent Turkish Airlines incident. For the benefit of those who do not read any news, a Turkish Airline A330 jet flying from Bangkok to Istanbul was forced to land at Delhi’s IGI airport after a “bomb in cargo” message written in lipstick was found on plane’s windscreen in the cockpit area. It is very likely that the pilots failed to notice the sign when taking off from Bangkok airport.

When quizzed by one very smart reporter at the hastily organized press conference in Delhi as to how would one report a real bomb on board in future without lipstick,  the quick witted ICAO spokesperson clarified that eye liners would still be allowed

Coming back to the story, sleuths  from Delhi Police working on the case found no bombs on the plane and allowed the plane to leave for Istanbul after a thorough search. In a note found on the airport runway, a Delhi family has admitted to stage managing the whole incident and escaping undetected to Istanbul to get away from Delhi’s bad governance caused by 3-way fighting between elected Delhi Government, Central Government and the President, represented by his wayward and aptly named representative Lt Governor Jung